Who We Are

The Minnesota Council of Churches consists of 27 members representing the regional governing and administrative bodies of Historic Black, Mainline Protestant, Peace Church, and Greek Orthodox judicatories.

Misson of the Minnesota Council of Churches

Unity Built on Justice. Strong communities are made up of meaningful relationships and guided by our deepest values. The Minnesota Council of Churches is your partner in living out your faith in your community.

We connect with:

  • Christians, churches, religious leaders, and denominations.
  • People of other faiths, refugees, and those in need.
  • The public life of Minnesota: legislators, businesses, foundations, and government.

We engage in:

  • Prayer and worship together.
  • Public witness and advocacy.
  • Shared meals, conversation, and learning together.

We renew:

  • Churches and individuals, with meaningful mission opportunities and deepened faith.
  • Refugees, with assistance to achieve self-sufficiency and pursue their dreams.
  • Communities, with strong relationships and just public policy.

Connect, engage, and renew with Minnesota Council of Churches today.