What we do

Truth telling, diversity education, and reparations

Our Work

Unity Built on Justice.

Our goal is to build strong communities that are made up of meaningful relationships and guided by our deepest values. The Minnesota Council of Churches is your partner in living out your faith in your community.

Refugee Services

Creating freedom, hope, and opportunity, Refugee Services is an ecumenical ministry welcoming persecuted people from around the world into new lives of freedom, hope, and opportunity in Minnesota.

Respectful Conversations

Respectful Conversations are structured, facilitated conversations designed not to change minds, but soften hearts.

Social Justice

Through truth telling, racial justice, and personal transformation we seek to change societal norms.


One million Christians creating unity built on justice. The Minnesota Council of Churches provides many opportunities for interfaith programming in your community.

Justice Advocacy

The Minnesota Council of Churches strives to keep our constituents informed and active in education and advocacy by partnering with the religious community, as well as across sectors.