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MCC Mankato Area Refugee Services is a regional service hub for our community's newest neighbors. We provide holistic and family-centered services to provide abundant support to refugees and their families, to help them progress on the path to self-sufficiency and achieving their dreams. We work closely with community partners to ensure that community resources are available to those we serve. We serve Refugees, Asylees, Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) Holders, Cuban/Haitian Entrants, Victims of Trafficking, and others who have immigrated to the Mankato area.  

  • Employment 

Our employment counselors work together with clients to assist in finding a job that will develop a greater level of independence and self-sufficiency. Additionally, MCC Mankato offers economic and career development mentoring and training opportunities for East African youth aged 14-20. 

  • Community Navigation

Our Community Navigators provide ongoing help with housing, public assistance, health insurance, public school enrollment for children, and medical needs, including comprehensive, sustained assistance for those with complex medical, mental health, or social adjustment needs.

We host a six week orientation workshop called the Tapestry Project that brings together community resource providers, public safety officials, volunteers from the community, and refugees to provide interactive education on areas including housing, public safety, health access and more. This class is available to both adults and teens. Click here to learn more about the Tapestry Project.

  • Immigration

Our accredited immigration specialists provide assistance with applications, paperwork, and advice for family reunification, Green Card, Citizenship, and more.  For more information about Immigration Services, please click here.

  • Community Engagement

MCC Mankato provides presentations and workshops for communities interested in learning more about refugees, diversity, community welcome and other topics related to our community's welcome of our newest neighbors.  Please contact us at 507-550-1713 or to learn more or request a speaker.


MCC Mankato Area Refugee Services
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