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Researcher reveals "Whiteness" trumps "Christianity"

This video of the morning session of White Church Truths includes a keynote from Dr. Michael O. Emerson on his research discovery that "whiteness" takes precedence over scripture in the belief systems of most white churchgoing Christians, and his description of what the "religion of whiteness" is. Rev. Jim Bear Jacobs and Rev. Pamela Ngunjiri from Minnesota Council of Churches MC the morning, which also includes Rev. Alanna Tyler of Westminster Presbyterian Church, and music presented by Tonia Hughes Kendrick with Billy Steele.


"Do not go on a mission trip to Uganda," say health officials

yellow tape reading "CAUTION" stretched across a lightless doorway

Church mission trips can serve many purposes from devoting human resources of donations, labor, relationship and prayer to the communities being traveled to and fostering discipleship and global empathy in the sending communities and travelers. However there are times and places when a mission trip is inadvisable. As of this week one of those places is Uganda, which is facing an Ebola outbreak situation.


Minnesota Churches are officially advised to POSTPONE any planned mission trips to the country of Uganda.


Thankful Ecumenism

The body of Christ in Minnesota is stronger today than it was in May.


The mission of the Minnesota Council of Churches is to manifest the unity of the body of Christ and to build the common good in the world. Our mission is necessary because it can sometimes be hard to believe that there is any unity in the body of Christ at all – especially after we have seen how different Christians respond so differently to public health guidance around the COVID pandemic.


CROSSPOST: Court fails to grasp that protecting Indigenous people's freedom of religion means protecting their sacred lands

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Indigenous spiritual practices are fundamentally tied to their sacred lands. That has profound implications for protecting their freedom of religion: The right to practice their religion without interference.