For the Love of Soccer

Our LVC volunteer Emily shared this story about a family she met last summer:

Zahra, a Somali mother of 3 boys, arrived in Minnesota last year and moved into an apartment near a park. Emily went over to introduce them to the park and noticed one of the boys wearing a Minnesota United soccer jersey. It opened up a conversation and Emily learned that the boys loved soccer.
Since the park had a soccer field, Emily made sure to keep her eyes out for a second-hand ball and found one she could pass along to the family. Several weeks later, Emily visited the family again to bring them to a free clothing store to pick out some needed items. Unfortunately, there wasn't much selection available that day, but the highlight was finding a pair of soccer cleats in a great color and the right size for these soccer-loving boys. She lamented that there was just one pair for them to share, but the find made everyone's day. Surely, those boys are just waiting for spring so they can get out on the field again.