A Fond Farewell: Margo Druschel

After two and a half years with Mankato Refugee Services, our Program Director, Margo, will be stepping down from her position. As the second program director to lead our Mankato team, Margo has worked very hard to expand the program and develop staff capacity.

Under her leadership, MCC Refugee Services experienced tremendous growth and impact in our Community Health Worker program and educated many providers and community members. They have also expanded the Tapestry Program by adding Teen Tapestry and Immigration offerings during her tenure. As she departs this role, Margo expressed her confidence in the whole Mankato team who have increased their capacity as they do great work and advocate for refugees in Mankato. She is also grateful for the opportunity to have worked with staff members who are also members of refugee communities to set and maintain good boundaries so that they can plan for longevity in the work they do.

Margo shared, “I’ve done a lot of jobs that are very impactful, but this work has been probably the most impactful work in my career. Not my work so much, but as part of this team we are able to directly impact people who have often had very traumatic journeys and when they come to us they have great needs. We are always really amazed at the resilience of those we walk beside and serve, and how committed they are to making a strong new life for themselves and their families, which also makes life better for all of us. Greater Mankato has become far richer because of people with refugee status, who of course become permanent residents and citizens.”

Thank you, Margo, for your devoted and passionate support for refugees in Greater Mankato.